B18. Library as Place with You in Focus

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Break Out Session

As traditional services universally have been on a decline, more academic libraries are focusing on providing the place to support student success with a variety of new approaches. In addition to providing the collections and space, over the past several years, Berkeley College libraries have evolved to encourage creative learning interactions. Attending to the needs of our community (through library programming, student advisory councils, educational games and instruction), frequently in partnership with other academic departments, Berkeley College libraries offer the space and resources that encourage student cooperation and learning.   While each of our nine campuses provides services to a diverse student population, levels of success for our initiatives vary by campus. This presentation will highlight our experiences with a variety of activities offered, challenges we encountered, and best practices we have learned.

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Deptula, Maria
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Maria Deptula (Berkeley College)
Laurie McFadden (Berkeley College)
Susan Van Alstyne (Berkeley College)