B24. Library as Locus: How Institutional Repositories Advance the Impact of Your Faculty’s Scholarly Output

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Break Out Session

Published studies demonstrate that open access promotes the usage and impact of scholarly publications. Libraries are interested in advancing the impact of faculty’s research in their institutions. Therefore institutional repositories are built aiming at open access to full-text contents. The presenters conducted preliminary research on US institutional repositories and studied the policies and procedures. Most repositories require authors to obtain copyright permission for full-text article submissions. There are numerous methods that authors can use to regain some of their rights to their publications. These methods will be discussed along with checklists that can be provided to authors before submitting manuscripts. In addition, other resources that can be useful to faculty who obtain grants from funding agencies and policies regarding the publication of results will be discussed.

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Dawson, Patricia H.
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Patricia H. Dawson (Rider University)
Sharon Q. Yang (Rider University)
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