P04. Assessing the impact of Government Documents and Data Information Literacy Instruction on Life-Long Learning and Student Success

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Poster Session

This poster focuses on assessing the impact of Government Documents and data information literacy instruction on life-long learning and student success for graduate students in the Masters of Public Health program at Montclair State University. Using a multi-modal assessment process that included measuring the outcomes of one-shot information literacy classes, combined with embedded online research guides, and one-to-one research appointments with the Government Documents librarian. This project sought to demonstrate the relevance of data information literacy instruction while promoting life-long learning using government documents with students in the Community Health Education Concentration. The project also demonstrates the value of the Federal Depository Library Program’s collections and resources. Data Information Literacy (DIL) is an emerging field that teaches skills and establishes competencies that are essential for librarians who are interested in acquiring knowledge in data management and curation as well as in assisting students conducting statistical research and data analysis.

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Sweeper, Darren
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Darren Sweeper (Montclair State University)