P07. BIBFRAME -- It’s All About Community: Library Data Out of Information Silos and Into the World

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Poster Session

BIBFRAME (Bibliographic Framework) Initiative is the foundation for the future of bibliographic description. It is designed to integrate with and engage in the wider information community and still serve the very specific needs of libraries. BibFrame (LC BibFrame website) is currently being developed to replace MARC- an outdated data model that is not interoperable with other web data. Using linked data technologies, BibFrame will purposefully and effectively integrate library data into the Web community for maximum discovery and access. The goal is to sustain the relevance of library data and also to increase library visibility. Moving beyond MARC towards BibFrame is an unavoidable trend. This poster will introduce the basics of BibFrame and the BibFrame model. The vision of BibFrame and suggestions for how libraries can participate in this revolutionary movement will also be illustrated.

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Wang, Jianrong
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Jianrong Wang (Richard Stockton College of New Jersey)
Cathy Weng (The College of New Jersey)