P08. Teach and Tell: Access Services’ Role in the Big Picture

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Poster Session

Within the library, Access Services staff stand at the convergence of users and services and are armed with core functional skills. Despite this, they have traditionally played a passive role in patron-centered outreach. Our objective is to see if Access Services could move into an active role in the bigger picture of promoting library services to enhance academic learning and research. This project demonstrated that Access Services can go far beyond its traditional, passive desk functions. The success of the project built confidence and motivation among the staff to take on more active roles in patron-centered activities in the future, with multiple project ideas now currently in the pipeline. The “Teach and Tell” project elevated Access Services to get involved in the bigger picture of enhancing academic teaching, learning, and researching.

Contact Information for Proposal Submission
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Zhu, Yini
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Yini Zhu (Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey)