P09. Building Community: Design By & For Users

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Poster Session

Campbell Library of Rowan University recently hosted an Open House to welcome students to a new, useful space that they helped design. This was a celebration of a shared project. Users offered input into the design of the refreshed Reference Reading Room via meetings, surveys, and whiteboards. We listened and added some fun to the design.

New carpet and furnishings were coordinated with fresh, vibrant paint colors. To inspire creativity and innovation each of the four group study rooms features a different color scheme.

The vivid colors of the space became the perfect theme for the Open House. Bright floor stickers led students to the event, posters and handouts inviting users also echoed the colors. The day included a different learning activity in each group study room and participants received a set of earbuds in their choice of vibrant colors.

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Bachant, Aileen
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Aileen Bachant(Rowan University)
Deborah Gaspar(Rowan University)