P10. Hype: Creating, marketing, and maintaining a new library contest series

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Poster Session

From idea formation to formalized series, we will show you a timeline of how to create a new contest for your library, the marketing process, and what goes into developing a new contest series. We will also look at collaborating faculty and staff and various departments and initiatives on campus to participate and promote your contests. Starting with brainstorming your idea to producing marketing tools for outreach to students and the campus community to tying into essential learning outcomes and the university’s mission, we will walk you through our path to creating our new oration/speech/spoken word contest series called BLOC – Bjork Library Oration Contest which will take place every semester. Our first contest’s theme was “Hail to the Osprey” oratory from US Presidents and our poster will follow along with the everything that went into the production of this new series.

Contact Information for Proposal Submission
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Christy Goodnight
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Christy Goodnight (Richard Stockton College of New Jersey)
Eric Jeitner (Richard Stockton College of New Jersey)