P13. I-Learn Model vs. Traditional Model for Information Literacy Instruction

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Poster Session

For two summers in a roll in 2014 and 2015, two librarians and a faculty member at Rider University used a new information literacy teaching model I-LEARN, developed by Dr. D. Neuman of Drexel University, to teach information literacy to students in the Educational Opportunity Program. Different from the traditional mode, I-LEARN focuses on using rather than seeking of information. The researchers used control and experimental groups to determine if student learning outcomes are different between the two groups. This presentation will introduce the concept of I-Learn and discuss the findings. The audience can be any librarians who are interested in exploring new way of teaching information literacy.

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Hsieh, Ma Lei
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Ma Lei Hsieh (Rider University)
Sharon Yang (Rider University)
Susan McManimon (Rider University)