P14. Chinese Corner: From Library to Classrooms

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Poster Session

Seton Hall University Library established a Chinese Corner in September 2014 through a donation of 300 books, DVDs and CDs as well as funds for management and promotion of the project from China Hanban, and coordination of China Educational Publication Import and Export Corporation (CEPIEC). Located in the Library’s multifunction floor, it contains 300 donated books and other added books for a total of 594 items. According to the 2014-15 circulation statistics, 76 titles have been checked out for 183 times (a 30% circulation rate). The Library recruited graduate students of Asian Studies to reach out to the Chinese language classes, to provide tutoring, and to create video clips of American students learning Chinese. This poster shows how Library Chinese Corner connects to classrooms.

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Bao, Xue-Ming
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Xue-Ming Bao (Seton Hall University)