P18. Gaming in an Academic Library: Hosting a Super Smash Brothers Tournament at Hudson County Community College

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Poster Session

This poster session will demonstrate how gaming can have a role in academic library programming by featuring Hudson County Community College Library’s experience hosting a Super Smash Bros Tournament. The Smash Brothers tournament was held in three parts, one at our North Hudson Campus, and two at the Main campus as part of the Library’s Fall 2015 Makerspace programming activities. Our poster will show the process of hosting this tournament, along with the logistics required to organize the event. Activities such as generating publicity, establishing tournament rules, and addressing campus Wifi connectivity issues will be discussed in detail. This session will also provide a forum to discuss HCCC’s experiences with others institutions who are considering creating similar programming at their own college and university libraries.

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Courtier, Devlyn
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Devlyn Courtier (Hudson County Community College)
Jonathan Cintron (Hudson County Community College)