Kuali Open Library Environment (OLE) Update

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Kuali OLE development is off and running! OLE's first release, code-named Eno (for the river that runs near OLE partner North Carolina State), is due the end of June 2011. Eno will be a non-public release intended to demonstrate due progress to the Mellon Foundation and our interested constituents. OLE's first public demonstration is scheduled for April 5, 2011 at the CNI Conference in San Diego. This demonstration will illustrate OLE's ability to ingest records from a publishing vendor, generate a requisition, create a purchase order, and send that purchase order to the vendor.

Actual OLE coding began on February 1, 2011 with development partner, HTC Global Services. HTC staff fought January snow storms to take Rice and KNS training and then huddled with OLE Core Team members in Bloomington, Indiana the first 2 weeks of February to start coding. Most coding is now taking place in Chennai, India. OLE’s decision to utilize KFS as the core for the financial related processes in OLE was critical to the rapid deployment of demonstration code.

The Kuali OLE Core Team is now comprised of Kathy Gerdink--Lead Business Analyst, Lydia Reid--Data Architect, Rich Slabach—QA Manager, Carla North—Operations Manager, and Brad Skiles—Project Manager. For more updates, please go to the Kuali home page at www.kuali.org/ole.